by Clenard H. Childress Jr.

If you think there is not a crisis in Black Leadership in America think again. If you think the conscience of the afro-American community isnít being seared and we have become callous and insensitive to moral truth please, please, think again. ..If you had not noticed the most heralded and prestigious African-American organization in America within the space of 3 months endorsed the most destructive and decimating practices in the Black community. The NAACP put there stamp of approval on the practice of infant killing and marriages between men with men and women with women. Abortion and same sex marriage.

Have we come so far to be so unfaithful? Have we gone so far left that we donít know what right is? In his prophetic "I have a dream" speech, Martin Luther King said," Let freedom ring till righteousness rolls down like a mighty river." Martin Luther King draws a direct correlation between righteousness and freedom. You can not have one without the other. Today in America that righteous river is more like a leaking faucet. The political and religious hierarchy have continually allowed our core values to diminish so that our God given foundational building blocks of our society are being destroyed. The sanctity of life and the institution of marriage are essential components of any productive and successful society. History has proven this fact over and over again. Refuse to revere life and change the formula for marriage and you are on the pathway to destruction. Rome, Babylon, Greece would all testify to this truth. As an Afro-American who has directly benefited from the efforts of the NAACP and their courageous efforts, it saddens me greatly to se this vast disparity of the values of the for runners and those who carry the torch today. With 14 million Afro-American children killed in the womb since 1973, how can the president of the NAACP censor a resolution to discus and caucus on this issue? Every 3rd abortion in America is on Black women. It is the most common surgical procedure performed on Afro-American women. The prestigious Black institution like Howard University performed a study that found African-American women over the age of 50 are 4.7 times more likely to contract breast cancer if they had had even one abortion than compared with women who had none. Another study in Dayton revealed that 81% of the Afro-American women that had gone through an abortion registered some type of psychological complaint. 60% said they had feelings of guilt, 49% described feelings of great remorse, 55% reported crying and bouts with deep depression, 55 % said they could not forgive them selves. Since the abortion industry goes to great lengths to keep this crucial information from its clients it is imperative that these facts are brought to the forefront of discussion in the Black community.

Frustration does not adequately describe my feelings about the misplaced priorities of the NAACP. In September of 2003 Quasi Enfume writes the owners of Kentucky Fried Chicken and demands they end their current method of how they slaughter their chickens. . Mr. Enfume is outraged over the inhumane way Kentucky Fried Franchise slaughters their chickens! Then 6 months later he endorses the dismemberment of Black babies in the womb at the rate of 1,452 a day, 4,000 babies over all. The board calls it a "historic occasion." My question to Mr. Enfume and the executive board of the NAACP is this, IS IT ABOUT CHICKEN"S OR CHILDREN!!!!? In the same letter he requested a response to his concerns about chickens being put to death. Then months later he refuses to answer our concerns and those chapters he represents about the slaughter of Black children in the womb. Now if that wasnít enough, not only did they not answer our letter of request (resolution) but it is censored. Not given due process. All resolutions are to be printed so the delegates can read with an explanation from the convention leadership for the reason for its rejection. Not so it this case. We were denied due process by an institution thatís supposed to ensure I get due process.

My, my, my, how far left have we gone that we donít understand what right is anymore! The issue of abortion will not go away till freedom rings for everyone from the womb to the tomb. Now, who would ever think that you would one day have to define marriage? How is it that even what nature proves to be unnatural we must now choose to redefine. With 70%of our children growing up in single family households, misguided souls try to minimize the key factor in the home, the Father. Studies show the way a child responds to their Father will determine their sexuality. It is about orientation! If your orientation is distorted so will your perception be of your sexuality. Therefore you can not give civil rights to ones sexual orientation. The orientation could and often (due to the state of the home), breed perversion. " Their women did change the natural use that which is against nature, Men leaving the natural use of the women burned in their lust one toward another men with men working that which is unseemly Romans chapter 1:verses 25 & 26"

Dr. John Diggs, of Boston, stated on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King spoke 41, years ago, King didnít march to Washington for the rights of sexual orientation," How true that is. There were certainly homosexuals and lesbians in that day but the patriots of that day did not endorse deviant behavior. They endorsed your Born right. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which are, life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness..

When you were born it was evident what God endowed you with! To that end you have the civil right to pursue that which is its natural use! If you choose to change the natural use you have deviated from the course of your civil right. Your orientation was to match the equipment given upon birth, that which you were endowed with. Dr. John Diggs also stated that ", the intestine is not a vagina." In other words "if the glove doesnít fit you must quit!í The NAACP must quit endorsing destructive and unfruitful behavior. Finally, when I read the quote by a professor from Harvard by the name of Bobo saying that Jesus Christ never mentioned homosexuality.

We once again can see the deception of those trying to get their agenda forwarded. Jesus did mention the judgment of homosexuality. If I said to you, I was going to make your home look like the twin towers; you would have me arrested for making terroristic threats. But if I said the same thing to you 5 years ago you would have thought I was going to put you in a penthouse sweet... 9/11 changed the meaning of the twin towers completely in our minds. Jesus draws a similar analogy with the use of Sodom& Gamora. First of all Jesus was talking to a community where homosexuality and lesbianism was unconscionable. So he referred to the judgment of the sin of homosexuality in a terrorist way. He equated their disobedience to Sodom so the people would understand how serious there disobediences was. Mathew 11; 24 states, But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom (where we get the word sodomy) in the Day of Judgment than for thee. Luke 17:29 Jesus said, but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Why did God destroy them? Because of sodomy! Illicit sexual behavior.

So to say that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality is erroneous. Jesus takes it a step further and speaks twice about what God did to cities that endorse the practice of such behavior. God eventually destroys the propagation of sin along with those who engage if there is no repentance. God loves the homosexual and the lesbian unconditionally. Because of that love they can be free. They will never know that if we condone and redefine behavior to fit errant lifestyles and call it a civil right. As one Black preacher said, "Donít use my skin to cover your sin"

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