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One News Now Reports on 2016 Say So March
All Black Life Matters Protest  NAACP Convention For Censoring Abortion Data
Rev Childress Walk For Life San Fran "Naked And You Clothed me"
Jewish Community Comments On Gap In Missouri
Pastor Childress Jr. in Breitbart Reports Georgetown Repents Over Slavery
Jewish students claim pro-life speech violates Title IX because it’s ‘triggering'.
South African Cardinal Brings Up “Black Genocide” with Abortion Attack

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr. Wrote this July 2nd 2016 - It has certainly proved to be Prophetical
Sanger On 20$ Bill ? Please Post To Your Face Book And Send Out - This is an Outrage!
GOP Yanks Bill.. Rally Speaker Warns That Foes Will Try to Buy Off Pro-Lifers.
All Black Life Matters Philly at NAACP - Covered by One News Now.
We do need the talented 10 percent.
Prosecution says Kermitt Gosnell case about murder not abortion.
NBC runs story of National Black Pro-life Students at Kermit Gosnell Trial.
Rev. Childress interviewed by Fox News on the systemic "Gosnell" cover ups nationally.
Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks — Bamboozled or Just Plain Traitors?
Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced to Prison for Giving Abortion Pills to Teen Daughter.
NYC Needs Some Superheroes To Help Fight Blackgenocide.
60% of all African American births ending in abortion not enough for Govonor Como, he wants more!
Dems Say "NO" to God & Jerusalem
A Real Man of God Prays at the Democratic Convention
Rev. Childress Sounds The Alarm on The Alex Jones Show
Pastor Childress viewed as "Extremist" by Pro-Choice Women's Magazine!
Bishop Paul Morton Calls Children Concieved in Rape, Demons..
Obama Funds and Holder Defends Racism.
The Epitome of Hypocrisy - Obamacare.
Talk about the war on woman - Woman Wake Up!
Rev. Dr. Alveda King shares prophetic word spoken by Rev Childress Jr.
No One would have predicted it. Obama creates a more pro-life America.
More Murder and madness in Chicago.
March on the 44th NAACP Image Awards 2013.
Ryan Bomberger expose bias of MSNBC in live interview.
Mini Documentary on Historic FAMU Genocide Awareness Project.
Pro-life Day of Mourning Black Genocide CBN News.
Historic Occasion LEARN & CBR at Florida A & M!! Video 1 and Video 2
Atlanta Post Drills Pastor Childress on Billboard Campaign.

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