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Read NAACP Resolution that was censored.
LEARN Protests Annual NAACP Convention - Event Photos
The NAACP and Black Abortions - Wall Street Journal Article

Group Protests Abortion Outside NAACP Convention - Cincinnati Enquirer Article

Pastor Childress and students for life in Washington DC Planned Parenthood Protest.
The Minister of Planned Parenthood: Barack Obama.
Abortion Kills More Afro-Americans Than 7 Leading Causes Combined.
  Read Rev. Childress Editorial In the Washington Times!
Jerome Corsie of World Net Daily Features Rev. Childress Jr.
Sean James & Al Joyner punked by Planned Parenthood!
Walter Hoye in LA Times & Chicago Tribune and Blackgenocide.org
Rev Childress at Oakland Protest - With Walter Hoye.
Rev Childress Speaks at Live To Action Hip Hop.
Rev Childress at Walk for Life San Francisco. - San Fransico Chronicle
Abortion and Black Children.

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