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BLACK NEWS: MAMA Sanger has nothing on PAPA John
BLACK NEWS: Report Margaret Sanger White Supremacist

Mark Crutcher Interviews Rev. Childress Protest at African American Museum at Smithsonian and victory
Protesters against 'black genocide' of abortion Wins Case
Rev. Childress Interviewed on Alex Jones Infor Wars
Delusional N.A.A.C.P Pastor Confused About Prayer and 'Prey'
Rev Childress "Walk For Life San Francisco 2016"
Victory: Pro-life speech protected in our nation's capital
Black Pastor Slams Abortion: 1,800 Black Babies Killed in Abortion Each Day
"Naked And You Clothed Me
NARAL: Comparing Abortion to Slavery ‘Shameful & Vile’
Abortion Is Racism
Poll: Americans stand w/Trump to save monuments
The New War on Birth Control
Mark Crutcher's Life Talk Interviews Rev Childress NAACP 2016 Protest
Pastor Childress at  Bringing America Back To God
Pastor Childress interview with Luckee TF News 3/21/2017
Pastor Childress on the Willie Lawson Show 3/17/2017
2016 Say So March Exposes Racism On The National Mall

Rev Childress in Life News - Smithsonian Sued To Stop Suppressing Black Genocide
Pastor Childress in Life News
Pro-Lifers Sue D.C.’s Black History Museum
Pastor Childress Foresees Trump Draining The Swamp
Rod Parsley features MAFA 21: Black Genocide in the 21 Century
Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk, New Study Finds.
Abortion Breast Cancer Link Confirmed By Chinese Study! Joel Brind Vindicated
The Dawning of a KING'S Dream -- Addendum.
Black News Refused To Post This Article: The Church Has Forgotten
Essence Magazine Article Commentary Rev. Clenard Childress.
The Womb, A Place of Safety?
Skin for Skin.
Pastor Childress in the lions den on the La Batchelor show.
Rev. Clenard Childress Takes Maafa21 to Streets at NAACP Convention.
Trayvon Martin's Death Brings Hope, "The Untold Story of Sanford"
Rev. Childress at Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally
NYC Parents Choice Coalition.
Conscience - The Ultimate Prize.
The Feminine Mystique and Marxism.
Pro-life Day of Mourning Black Genocide CBN News.
NYC Releases Abortion Data: Little Progress From Previous Year.

1786 a day is not enough black babies aborted! Planned Parenthood wants more!

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