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  Genocide In The Bronx - Part I
  Genocide In The Bronx - Part II
  All Black Life Matters At Mizzou.
MU anti-abortion group disagrees with GAP tactics.

Jewish students claim pro-life speech violates Title IX because it’s ‘triggering'.
NAACP 2015 Demonstrations Pictures.
  Ben Carson & Rev Childress Jr exposes Planned Parenthood and heralds "All Black Life Matters"

Info Wars interviews Rev Childress " Planned Parenthood Body Parts For Sale " Crossroads Of Conscience.
Listen To Pastor Childress Interview With Laura Ingraham.
All Black Life Matters Philly at NAACP - Covered by Philly News.

All Black Life Matters Philly at NAACP - Covered by Standard Newswire.
Breitbart Report Covers "Shocking Display" at NAACP Convention.
Federalist papers covers LEARNS NAACP Demonstration.

Montclair religious leaders react to Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision.
Rev Childress respond to Mark Levin.
Rev Childress - On Alex Jones All Black Life Matters.
Does Black Lives Matter to Black Leadership?
  Does Black Life Matter?

Pro-Life African Americans March Nationwide to the Supreme Court Hoping to Bring an End to Abortion.

Black Caucus teams up with Planned Parenthood in panel pushing abortion of black babies.

Pro-Life Pastors Rebut Liberal Clergy Claim that Ministers ‘Should Never Oppose Access to Abortion’.

Washington Post pits Pastor Childress against the Commander & Chief.
America Must Face The Horrible Truth Of Planned Parenthood 1
America Must Face The horrible Truth About Planned Parenthood 2
  Why Homosexuality is wrong?
Homosexuality, Abortion and Martin Luther King..


NAKED And Ye Cloth Me
When Did We See You Naked Jesus?



All Black Life Matters At NAACP Convention Philadelphia

“All Black Life Matters” Project Visits HSBC Fayetteville State College — Educates Students About African American Abortion Rates

Rev Childress "Walk For Life San Francisco 2015"

"No Compromise Trust Neither
Democrat or Republican"

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