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Pro-Life African Americans March Nationwide to the Supreme Court Hoping to Bring an End to Abortion.

Black Caucus teams up with Planned Parenthood in panel pushing abortion of black babies.

Pro-Life Pastors Rebut Liberal Clergy Claim that Ministers ‘Should Never Oppose Access to Abortion’.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks — Bamboozled or Just Plain Traitors?

Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced to Prison for Giving Abortion Pills to Teen Daughter.
Obama Funds and Holder Defends Racism.
Bishop Paul Morton Calls Children Conceived in Rape, Demons...
NYC Needs Some Superheroes To Help Fight Blackgenocide.

Rev. Childress interviewed by Fox News on the systemic "Gosnell" cover ups nationally.
Rev. Childress Sounds The Alarm on The Alex Jones Show.
The Epitome of Hypocrisy - Obamacare.

NBC runs story of National Black Pro-life Students at Kermit Gosnell Trial.
Prosecution says Kermitt Gosnell case about murder not abortion.

Washington Post pits Pastor Childress against the Commander & Chief.

Pastor Childress viewed as "Extremist" by Pro-Choice Women's Magazine!

60% of all African American births ending in abortion not enough for Govonor Como, he wants more!
  Why Homosexuality is wrong?
Homosexuality, Abortion and Martin Luther King..


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Rev Childress "Walk For Life San Francisco 2014"

"You Can Keep Your Doctor
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Dems Say "NO" to God & Jerusalem.
A Real Man of God Prays at the Democratic Convention.

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